Consistency and quality control; plant and phenotype identification; breeding programs; cross-contamination procedures; commercial cloning; scheduling; commercial and large-scale harvesting, drying, curing and packaging; environmental systems; grow room design; custom fabrication; development of Standard Operating Procedures; cash flow protocols; safety protocols; business plans; outdoor/indoor greenhouse and light deprivation techniques.


  • 1994-96 Worked as a mycology technician at the Growing Company, mycology research station and mushroom farm.

  • 2000-01 Studied and photographed commercial indoor greenhouse and outdoor cultivation throughout Europe. Mentored in Switzerland at Mr. Nice Farms. I became familiar with large scale light deprivation greenhouse production, breeding facilities, commercial processing as well as commercial extracts.

  • 2002 Founded North Coast Imports, one of the first Coco Coir Import companies in the Hydroponic industry

  • 2002-04 Assisted DNA Genetics in the development of Reserva Privada, a boutique line of one off hybrids and Select Genetics

  • 2000-06 Developed the current Royal Gold line of soils through indoor, greenhouse and l light deprivation production techniques

  • 2002-06 Content editor for Jason Kings book Cannabible 2, Cannabible 3 2006 Began producing Royal Gold Coco Fiber

  • 2007 Added Basement Mix and Mendo Mix Potting Soils to the Royal Gold product line

  • 2008 Started Humboldt Flower Products, an organic nutrient line produced and based in Humboldt County

  • 2009 Founded Cultivate Colorado in Wheat Ridge, CO 2009 Founded Cultivate Ontario in Ontario, CA

  • 2010 Helped develop a 600 light production facility for Patients Choice, the first large scale Laboratory quality facility in Colorado

  • 2010 Introduced Tupur Potting Soil into the Royal Gold line 2010 Founded Cultivate Denver

  • 2011 Founded Cultivate Colorado in Stapleton

  • 2012 Developed a proprietary commercial Vermaculture technique

  • 2014 Increased Royal Gold production levels to 18,000 bags weekly and 20 thousand bulk yards annual.

  • 2014 Consultant for Bickel Consulting for difficulty and specialty projects

  • 2015 Increased consulting to business and growers in Washington, California, Alaska, Colorado, and California

  • 2016 Founded and began production of The Real Dirt Business Podcast

  • 2017 Founded Growers Soil and began designing, engineering and building , a state of the art potting soil factory in Eastern Colorado

  • 2018 Launched Growers Soil to the public

  • 2019 Opened Cultivate OKC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


  • Armstrong College, Anthropology

  • Eastern Wyoming College, Anthropology

  • University of Georgia, Anthropology




  • Federal Radio Operators License, Humboldt Co, CA

  • Compost License, Humboldt Co, CA

  • Fertilizer Producer License State of California Fertilizer Purchaser

  • Key Badge Holder State Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division

  • Private pilot license