In 1997 I moved to Northern California and became an early pioneer of an emerging cultivation industry. Coming from an agrarian background, I had an innate horticultural knowledge that fostered my ideas about developing ancillary businesses to support the new booming industry. In 2002 I began importing coco fiber from Asia as an agricultural supplement to potting soil. In 2006, I developed a complete line of soils and founded Royal Gold Soil.

Ten years and 25 million tons of coco fiber later, I sold Royal Gold Soil and started Cultivate Colorado, the largest indoor horticultural supplier in the galaxy with two stores in the Denver Metropolitan Area, and a third opening in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the summer of 2019.

At the end of 2016 I released the first episode of The Real Dirt Podcast. It quickly became the go-to source of knowledge and expertise for cultivators and entrepreneurs in the industry alike.

In 2018 I launched a new potting soil and fertilizer company in Colorado called Growers Soil. I am also recording Season Three of The Real Dirt podcast, which is currently a leading podcast in the cultivation industry.

I currently hop back and forth from Colorado and Oklahoma as I work to open a third Cultivate store in Oklahoma City, while managing my companies on the move. There’s plenty more in the works. Check out my CV and get in touch.